i want to join the coolest clan ever. what do i do?

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thank you for expressing interest in joining the gosh darndest most supper coolest bunch of first person shooterists around. Here @ UTF worldwide industries we only accept the absolute cream of the crop to join our constantly evolving cadre of superhuman frag masters. are you weak? do you dodge directly into rockets? GTFO with that shit. do you do standing combos, and spam link primary? Go play in traffic son, this is where the players that make you piss yourself in your dreams reside, so you better damn well come correct.

I can hear you thinking out loud, and see your lips moving as you slowly reread all of this, and i personally want you to know that even though you may suck at all things UT related, and you might even be a horrible person in general, have no fear, because we are a kind and just clan, just don't be a douche canoe, and you may stand a chance at joining the last group of gaming individuals that you'll ever need to call your clan.

Yes, we are all that, and a bag of crisps, or a cold pint, or strong shot, or huge bong hit. we are the essence of what fun and camaraderie are all about, and you may just have what it takes to be part of this juggernaut that is UTF.

so tell us about yourself; your passions and fears, what drives you, and what you bring to the table for us. tell us jokes, bribe us, sell us your sisters, do whatever it takes, because in the end, if the Frag gods smile down on you, you might be able to join the ranks of the the only clan that is going to make a difference against global warming and colony collapse disorder.

I will now turn this thread over to Master Recruiter Phonetic so he may establish a template of sorts outlining the information that we will need from all potential applicants to help expedite your journey towards everlasting greatness and glory, under the banner that is UTF.

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    rek said:

    and a bag of crisps

    Yeah UK taught you that!
  • xeanderthal Hanging out in Legits closet looking at sticky pics of a 14 yr old Hannah Montana
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    I predict a Raptor trolling is imminent.  

    Oh, can I join?
  • rekrek A tent near the shieldbelt.
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    A day with out Raptor is like a day without sunshine.
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    We need moar posts and moar people to take from the VCTF community
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