UTF Reunion

Flame_PrinceFlame_Prince United Kingdom
I was wondering if we could try to get the members (or old players from other clans) to play one last game of UT3 before UT4 finishes (whenever that is), just like good old times. I think it'd be awesome to play against each other again

Server wise, the Official Epic VCTF (USA one) server is still up (which no one uses).
Me thinks this is a good idea if people wanna do it?


  • xeanderthal Hanging out in Legits closet looking at sticky pics of a 14 yr old Hannah Montana
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    I'm in, but 2 views and one comment ?
  • Flame_PrinceFlame_Prince United Kingdom
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    Yeah I'm surprised about that as well, I guess people are just busy these days, or playing Destiny a lot like Jumpslash
  • RaptorRaptor San Diego
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  • These forums suck. My fault.

    The old forums were awesome, but SkyRiver failed to renew the lease on his web domain. His fault.

    Should I kill these forums? I don't really like them.
  • Flame_PrinceFlame_Prince United Kingdom
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    Keep them,
    I'm sure it'll get better when UT4 is properly finished, and when the introduce vehicles (if they do - which they should)
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